vineri, 20 septembrie 2013

Brunno Jahara


one of Brazil´s outstanding design talents, spent about 10 years in Europe – among others at Benetton´s Fabrica lab of design & experimental communication– before opening his studios in São Paulo and more recently, in Rio de Janeiro. But he’s best known for his Multiplastica Domestica series of recycled caps collected by the National Recycling Association in São Paulo, and his Neorustica furniture collection named after Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. Despite his immersion in the European sense of aesthetic, Jahara continues to pay homage to his vibrant home country with every single piece he designs. ''I´m kind of proud of our Brazilian design history - it has a lot of character''.Brazilians however, still seem to consider design as a sheer luxury product which has led to Brazilian designers’ work being better appreciated outside of Brazil.  In Portugal, despite the economic crisis, couples continue to receive  Vista Alegre tableware as wedding gifts where the brand is considered a must have and a lifetime investment which Jahara is very enthusiastic about: ''The Portuguese save up for it and buy it, thus showing they really like the Transatlântica collection. I´m so very happy about that. Even in the factory the employees loved it - a big compliment!''.










photo © Filippo Bamberghi.


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