duminică, 29 septembrie 2013

Una furtiva lagrima


Requiem for a black bass who laments his pathetic fate, from his sale at the fishmarket to his final destination : the frying pan.


Running time :  3 min 8 sec

Director/Animator/Writer : Carlo Vogele

Music :   Gaetano Donizetti / performed by Enrico Caruso




I shot the film in my apartment in San Francisco in 2011. Using your own kitchen as a set certainly has its downsides, so does working with dead fish, as you can imagine. And no, I did not end up eating the fish, after several trips in and out of the freezer I was happy to dump the stinky motherfucker in the compost bin. That is, until the following week, when I would be obnoxiously picky at the fishmarket in choosing yet another black bass to star in the next scene...


Sa aveti pofta de cultura!

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