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Oameni care gatesc - Ahmed Jama


War Zone Cuisine: Bringing Back Peace & Life to Mogadishu



On 7 September 2013, a militant group targeted The Village restaurant in Mogadishu, setting off two blasts that killed 15 people and left at least 20 more wounded. The attack occurred almost exactly one year after another bombing of the restaurant which took 14 lives.

This fundraising campaign has been established to aid The Village's chef and owner Ahmed Jama in rebuilding the restaurant, which he opened in 2008 during one of the most violent stretches of the war against the transitional government. Jama had returned to his war-torn homeland from London, where he ran a successful restaurant, to do it. He has said that he wanted to open a restaurant that would "change the lives of the people who don't have somewhere to work and have been locked indoors and don't have anywhere to go and socialize — to show them, 'Yes, you can laugh when you finish university or office work... You have somewhere to go.'"

Jama intends to keep going. You can donate to help rebuild the restaurant and help his employees and their families here:

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