joi, 5 decembrie 2013

Fish Love

 Project by Photographer Denis Rouvre
The photo project was done for the organization Fishlove and included some other U.K.-based celebrities posing in the buff with critters ranging from bass fish to sharks. Its goal is to raise awareness of how overfishing is destroying the oceans. The release of Gillian's nearly nude pic, which was snapped by French portrait photographer Denis Rouvre, is timed with a European Parliament vote on banning destructive forms of deep-sea fishing in the Northeast Atlantic. The Fishlove organization is trying to rally voters to sign a petition ending deep-sea trawling – which, according to scientists, is negatively impacting the fish population and their habits – and Gillian solicited signatures in a Twitter post.
Joanna Bergin

Jeany Spark

Goldie – Redfish

Barbara Cabrita

Thomas Dutronc

Caroline Ducey

Nickolas Grace

Jean-Marc Barr

Olivia Williams

Gillian Anderson

Aure Atika


Serge Hazanavicius

Melanie Bernier
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