duminică, 2 februarie 2014


by The Turtles
Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, spaghetti, rice,
French fried potatoes and gulash. (Ooooh.)
Eggs over easy, asparagus spears,
Hot dogs and baked beans and sauerkraut.
Black-bottomed mushrooms and chicken pot pie,
Pink lemonade on the fourth of July.

[Sounds of firecrackers popping.]

[Pitch pipe sounds a note.]

(But there's one thing that we'd,)
(Gladly doff our shells for,)
(So we present our recipe,)
(And wish you well, for...)

(...we'll take,)
Two thirds cups of flour,
A teaspoon full of salt,
A quarter pound of butter,
Add an egg and blend it out.

Two squares of dark chocolate,
Walnuts, pot and sugar,
A teaspoon of bakin' powder,
Thirty minutes in the heat and it's over.

Tea biscuits, tomato soup, ham on rye.
Hot apple, pineapple sundae. (Hoooo!)
Honeydew, artichoke, hearts of lettuce,
Buttered bagels and lox, cream cheese, rhubarb. (Hoooo!)

Peanut butter sandwiches, English muffins.
Kumquats, berries, fish, steak and grapefruit.
?? ??? ??? ??? grits, parsnips,
??? marmalade, shishkebab, turtle soup. 5

[Sound of a bottle top being popped and effervescence.]

Well, those brownies ought to be just about ready now.
Why don't we go have one? Hmmmmm? I mean, really...
[More effervescence to fade.]
Photo by Henry Diltz

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