marți, 20 mai 2014

'The Jane' Restaurant

opened in March 2014, and consists of a main dining area (which occupies the church’s main hall and can sit 65) and a bar on the upper floor simply called The Upper Room Bar – which also serves light snacks prepared behind the bar. The kitchen (where 29-year-old Nick Bril will be in charge) has been placed under the magnificent apse, where the altar used to be, and is encased within glass walls making the entire cooking process visible to patrons. Various tattoo-inspired engravings decorate the stainless steel surfaces of the kitchen, while a light installation in the shape of a skull overlooks the restaurant’s patrons with a big grin from high above. The designers chose to preserve much of the church’s original materials and features, such as the intricate mosaics on the floor and the arched ceiling – with the latter’s beautifully aged colours contrasted against the pristine furniture and spotless walls below.








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